BEST BETS FaZe vs Mousesports

BEST BETS FaZe vs Mousesports. Second game of day two FaZe takes on Mousesports. FaZe will be intresting to see with “olofmeister” back after nearly four months break, they have been playing well with “cromen” as a stand in but now their swedish superstar is back and hungry for more succes. Mousesports are coming from a 9th-12th place at ESL One Cologne but a 2nd place at ESL One Belo Horizonte, losing to FaZe in the finale. The last time these two teams fought FaZe won the game with 3-2 in maps, having played a close finale. Game is played 23.00 22nd of July 2018

BEST BETS FaZe vs Mousesports

My bet for FaZe vs Mousesports is Mousesports winning 2-1, i think Mousesports are hungry and want revenge for their last time playing FaZe losing in the finale. The game can go either way but i think Mousesports will walk away with a close win.

Mousesports last 4 games

Mousesports 0 – 2 ENCE – Loss

Mousesports 1 – 2 G2 – Loss

Mousesports 16 – 8 Gambit – Win

Mousesports 2 – 3 FaZe – Loss

FaZe last 4 games

FaZe 1 – 2 BIG – Loss

FaZe 2 – 1 Fnatic – Loss

FaZe 2 – 0 MIBR – Win

FaZe 16 – 9 BOOT-d[S] – Win


BEST BETS – Mousesports winner 2-1

Mousesports are a underdog here and will be ungry to revenge from last finale they lost to FaZe, a small bet on Mousesports is what i suggest or betting high on FaZe since they are one of the best teams in the world but have a “new” player in olofmeister back after a four month break. The game is hard to predict since Mousesports can play very well if they have everything right.


BETTING ODDS FaZe VS Mousesports

Below odds from BETSSON

FaZe winner – 1.48

2-0 FaZe – 2.30

2-1 FaZe – 2.85

Mousesports winner – 2.50

2-0 Mousesports – 5.25

2-1 Mousesports 4.20


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