BEST BETS Fnatic vs FaZe

BEST BETS Fnatic vs FaZe. As i thought NaVi would win against Fnatic, but fnatic played fairly well winning Inferno wich is one Fnatics strongest maps but just losing by three map points on Mirage. FaZe lost to Mousesports 1-2, playing a close game losing Cache and Mirage with three and four rounds. NiKo being FaZe main man that game and olofmeister having just come back from a long break played a good game having 68-58 in stats. Fnatic had a harder time against NaVi and s1mple with only Draken having + stats. Game is palyed at 23.00 24th of July 2018.


BEST BETS Fnatic vs FaZe

My bet for Fnatic vs FaZe is FaZe winning this game 2-1 or 2-0. FaZe have a strong team with olofmeister back and playing well, NiKo played really well having 71-50 in stats wich was the best of both teams. Last time these two teams fought was ESL One Cologne 2018 and FaZe walked away with a 2-1 win, dominating Fnatic on maby Fnatics best map Inferno and Overpass.

Fnatic last 4 games

Fnatic 1 – 2 NaVi – Loss

Fnatic 0 – 2 NaVi – Loss

Fnatic 1 – 2 FaZe – Loss

Fnatic 2 – 0 BIG – Win

FaZe last 4 games

FaZe 1 – 2 NaVi – Loss

FaZe 1 – 2 BIG – Loss

FaZe 2 – 1 Fnatic – Loss

FaZe 2 – 0 MIBR – Win


BEST BETS – FaZe winner 2-1 or 2-0

Both teams lost their opening game but FaZe playing well and losing by few points. With their main roster back i think they will edge this map out. Olofmeister back will certainly stronger the team. Fnatic played against a strong NaVi and did not look that good. The group B is maby the strongest group so both teams need this win, FaZe are looking for revenge after going out 3rd at ESL One Cologne 2018.



Below odds from BETSSON

Fnatic winner – 2.60

2-0 Fnatic – 5.35

2-1 Fnatic – 4.35

FaZe winner – 1.43

2-0 FaZe – 2.23

2-1 FaZe 2.90


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