BEST BETS NaVi vs Fnatic

BEST BETS NaVi vs Fnatic. Second day of ELEAGUE Premier starts off with NaVi going up against Fnatic. NaVi coming from ESL One Cologne 2018 as the winner of that and Fnatic going out at 5-6th place. NaVi have been playing really well and have won their last three tournaments they have attended while fnatic have been struggling a bit more, havent won a tournament since WESG 2017 World Finals. Game is played at 20.00 22nd of July 2018.

BEST BETS NaVi vs Fnatic

My bet for NaVi vs Fnatic match is NaVi winning the game 2-1. NaVi have looked really well in their last competition, while fnatic have not played their best cs. And with “s1mple” being maby the best player in the world helps out, winning MVP in the last three tournaments they have attended. Fnatic have shown that they can play on top level before being one of the best team ever to play cs with three major titles, they have the most titles of all teams with the closest having one.

NaVi last 4 games

NaVi 3 – 1  BIG – Win

NaVi 2 – 1 Astralis – Win

NaVi 2 – 0 Fnatic – Win

NaVi 2 – 1 ENCE – Win

Fnatic last 4 games

Fnatic 0 – 2 NaVi – Loss

Fnatic 1 – 2 FaZe – Loss

Fnatic 2 – 0 BIG – Win

Fnatic 16 – 14 North – Win

BEST BETS – NaVi winner 2-1

Navi coming from three straight tournament wins being maby the best team in the world at this moment with the best player in the world “s1mple”. Fnatic have alot of experience and can perform if they find their rhytm, but will they?



Below odds from BETSSON

NaVi winner – 1.43

2-0 NaVi – 2.18

2-1 NaVi – 2.80

Fnatic winner – 2.65

2-0 Fnatic – 5.45

2-1 Fnatic 4.65


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