Best Odds Prime Minister of Sweden

Best Odds Prime Minister of Sweden. The Swedish general election was held Sunday the 9th of september 2018. Since the Left wing parties lost the natural thing seems to be a new right wing Prime Minister. But the Swedish politicians still fight and focus on not cooperating with the Sweden Democrats and therefore Sweden still has not got a new prime minister. The Social democrat leader Stefan Löfvén has been voted off his job as prime minister…but still he is the second favorite with Unibet to become the next Prime Minster.

Best Odds Prime Minister of Sweden

Ulf Kristersson 1.45
Stefan Löfven 3.50
Annie Lööf 4.00
Jimmie Åkesson 101.00

Odds from Unibet

Annie Lööf is the leader of the small Centerpartiet and she has been mentioned as a potential Prime minister for a year. Lööf could lead a coalition with left wing parties like Miljöpartiet and Vänsterpartiet (the communists, who did a great election attracting 10% of the Swedes votes…) and supported by the Social democrats.

Kristersson is the leader of the right wing Moderaterna, the party that lead Sweden 2006-2014 with Huge success. The former leader of Moderaterna Fredrik Reinfeldt managed to grow the Swedish economy during the time after the financial crisis 2008-2009 with Big numbers in BNP and Job growth. In the election 2014 he could have continued his reign but resigned and gave power to Stefan Löfvén. The last 4 years have seen hundreds of taxes raised and lots of problems in the society. Much because of a naive politic.

Kristersson would like to take support from the Sweden Democrats but he is still afraid of taking that step. Afraid of be called a racist. Its a big mess in Swedish politics. The people wants a right wing government. Its not sure they will get it.

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