Betting Odds 2020 Presidential Election

Betting Odds 2020 Presidential Election. The US Presidential election is coming closer and the best prediction is still Donald Trump as the winner. Bet with EU betting company UNIBET for the best betting odds on the US presidential election.

Betting Odds 2020 Presidential Election

Our best bet is going for a second term for No. 45 Donald Trump. His opponent is Joe Biden and we can’t see him beating Trump. The thing that might be positive for Joe Biden right now is the Corona Virus crisis. The virus is already affecting the economy and stock markets all over the world and when this will become even more ugly it might boost the chances for Biden. On the other hand a majority of Americans believe president Trump is doing a good job handeling the crisis so far.

It is a very special time and situation but we bet on Donald Trump winning since he has delivered on a lot of promises he made during the 2016 campaign and the fact that people tend to support their leader in a time of crisis.

2020 election betting odds

Odds from Swedish betting company UNIBET.

1. DONALD TRUMP – 1.80
2. JOE BIDEN – 2.25

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If you compare the odds on Trump and Biden now the lead has increased for Trump. 4 weeks ago Trump was at 1.91 and Biden on 2.10.

UNIBET is one of the oldest and best and most trusted betting companies in the world with over 20 years of history. Unibet started in Sweden 1997.

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