Betting tips: FaZe vs Astralis; Dreamhack Marseille; Quarterfinals; 21/4 – 18

FaZe had a great start opening this tournament with Xizt playing beyond expectations taking the spot for Olofmister, and Niko with 21 kills picking frags left right and center, this resulted in a 16-1 steamroll on cashe against Envius. This is basically FaZe in a nutshell, incredible individual performance with some of the best players in the world. Niko winning almost every aim duel in the BO1. But what happens when not all the players are performing as they should? We saw this happen two days ago, faze lost against Cloud9 in a BO3 with Xizt, Karrigan and Guardian
not delivering the performance needed to beat the americans.

Is this an indication that the team is falling apart after a crucial swap in Faze:s roster? According to Faze, Olofmister “will be back in full force when the time comes”, with Xizt set to play for the team “for an internally-discussed period of time”, which was not revealed. With that said, with what mentality will the team approach this match with? I believe having Olofmiser off the team puts a lot on the current roster. Knowing that you’re missing that crucial extra firepower against the danes can be devastating.

Historically, this matchup haven’t been in favour for neither side, in recent matchups Astralis have won 17 times and Faze 16. Now they have to stand against Astralis as a crippled Faze. With Magisk pulling the rabbit out of his hat showing us some sick tricks against Space Soldiers and the team looking generally strong the past few days i believe this game is meant to be a win for the danes.

Prediction: Astralis to win

GAME START: 16.15 GMT 21/4 – 18

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