Candidates US Presidential Election 2020

Candidates US Presidential Election 2020. This table lists candidates who have filed with the FEC to run for president. Some applicants use pseudonyms; candidate names and party affiliations are written as they appear on the FEC website. Bet on your favorite candidate with the EU (Swedish/Maltese) betting company UNIBET or with Panama registered BETONLINE.

Candidates US Presidential Election 2020

As of April 8, 2019, there are 670 candidates who filed to run, including:

  • 226 Democratic candidates
  • 84 Republican candidates
  • 24 Libertarian candidates
  • 14 Green candidates

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Candidates who have filed for the 2020 presidential election
Candidate Party
Aaron Fraser Democratic Party
Adam Kokesh Libertarian Party
Adam Seaman Nonpartisan
Adrian J. Cox Democratic Party
Ajay Sood Independent
Akiva Leffert Democratic Party
Alan Augustson Nonpartisan
Alan Gordon Independent
Alan Howe Democratic Party
Albert James Felix Liberal Party
Alex Lloyd Gross Independent
Alexander Dewey Fox Nonpartisan
Alexandria Tate Republican Party
Aliaune Thiam Republican Party
Alicia Barbine Independent
Alonzo Tablet Martin Sr. Republican Party
Aloysius R. Marcinek Independent
Alvin Harrison Democratic Party
Amy Klobuchar Democratic Party
Andre Nantkes Republican Party
Andre Pele Jordan Nonpartisan
Andre Phillip Green Democratic Party
Andrew Heartdoc Chung Nonpartisan
Andrew Locklin Barringer Republican Party
Andrew Wildman Independent
Andrew Yang Democratic Party
Angela Glass Independent
Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser Republican Party
Angelo Yoshannah Scrigna Independent
Anita Belle Democratic Party
Anthony Alongi Nonpartisan
Anthony D. Beckwith Unaffiliated
Anthony DeWayne Hill Democratic Party
Anthony Gaetano Bernice Independent American Party
Anthony James Allred Democratic Party
Anthony Kevin Moss Jr. Independent
Anthony M. Piazza Democratic Party
Antonio McGee Nonpartisan
Arnold Matthew Jones Democratic Party
Artemus Suarez Cohen Eden Independent
Asuka Otori Independence Party
Austin Pack Independent
Avital Hadas Oberstein The Human Rights Party
Batso B. El Sr. Independent
Bella Robinson Independent
Benjamin G. Leder Libertarian Party
Benjamin Marc Elias Unaffiliated
Benjamin Michael Osborn Conservative Party
Benjamin Peter Kozlowski Democratic Party
Bepis Cola Prohibition Party
Bernard Korn Democratic Party
Bernie Sanders Democratic Party
Beto O’Rourke Democratic Party
Bill Haas Democratic Party
Billy Rubin Independent
Blaine Russell Lechko Democratic Party
Bowen Lee Parker Nonpartisan
Bradley S. King Unaffiliated
Bradley Scott Hartliep Republican Party
Brandon Cekander Independent
Brandon W. Acker Democratic Party
Brent Jay Natzle Republican Party
Bret Marzock Independent
Brett Henderson Nonpartisan
Brian R. Curro Independent
Bring Back Daniel Jewish/Christian National Party
Bruce John Kenneway Nonpartisan
Bryan Lawler Nonpartisan
Caleb Ganzer Democratic Party
Caleb Gaul Democratic Party
Candace Marie Bates Avina Nonpartisan
Carlos Antonio Alcantara Nonpartisan
Carrie Bittay-D’intino Democratic Party
Carroll Montague Price Jr. Democratic Party
Catherine Anne Forsman Democratic Party
Caylend Anthony Edward Childs Democratic Party
Cecelia Sanborn Nonpartisan
Cecil Albert Richardson Republican Party
Cecil Anthony Southwest Ince Libertarian Party
Cecilia Okugo Democratic Party
Cesar Cisneros Republican Party
Chad Michael Jorgenson Independent
Chance Trahan Nonpartisan
Charles Edward Mills Nonpartisan
Charles Junior Hodge Independent
Charles Kovacs Nonpartisan
Charles Landon Hodges Democratic Party
Cherunda Lynn Fox Independent
Chiyo Mihama Communist Party
Chomi Prag Nonpartisan
Christian Alexander Arzu Democratic Party
Christin Noel Powers Independent
Christina Gerasimos Billings-Elias Democratic Party
Christina Marie Cabral Independent American Party
Christine Weston Chandler U.S. Taxpayers
Christopher Brainard Republican Party
Christopher Christian Watkins Independent
Christopher Clayton Republican Party
Christopher Francis Weaver Libertarian Party
Christopher James Hurley Unaffiliated
Christopher Joseph De La Torre Republican Party
Christopher Lawrence Jackson Independent Conservative Democratic
Christopher Lee Breiler Independent
Christopher Lee Conkey Nonpartisan
Christopher Lee Langston Democratic Party
Christopher McCarthy Nonpartisan
Christopher Owen Ebert Independent
Christopher Paul Rella Democratic Party
Christopher Randall Dolin Democratic Party
Christopher Ryan Marks Nonpartisan
Christopher Stried Independent
Claire Elisabeth Elliott Independent
Clifford Allen Englerth Nonpartisan
Cohen Eden Solutionator Democratic Party
Cole Alan Pravda Republican Party
Colin Pillsbury Unaffiliated
Conrad Hans Hubisch Independent
Corbin Zane Cater Republican Party
Corgan Larson Independent
Cory Booker Democratic Party
Crystal Ann Hale Independent
Crystal Bergfield Independent
Curt Nichols Green Party
Curtis Gittelman Nonpartisan
Dakoda Foxx Democratic Party
Dakota Hale Libertarian Party
Damien Garrett Chiodo Democratic Party
Dan Behrman Libertarian Party
Daniel Baker Democratic Party
Daniel Blain Democratic Party
Daniel Gallo Nonpartisan
Daniel James Boblit Nonpartisan
Daniel Jonathan House Independent
Daniel L. Davis Republican Party
Daniel M. Holloway Democratic Party
Daniel Segal Democratic Party
Daniel Sinclair Kindler Nonpartisan
Daniel White Independent
Danny Nathaniel Hawkins Jr. Republican Party
Daphne Denise Bradford Democratic Party
Darcie Allen Independent
Dario David Hunter Green Party
Darius La’Ron Mitchell Republican Party
Darryl Cedric White Nonpartisan
Darryl Murphy Republican Party
Darryl P. Hendricks Democratic Party
David Aaron Karaffa Independent
David Alan Wilkerson Independent
David Andrew Christenson Nonpartisan
David Earl Curington Independent
David Frank Independent
David John Thistle Democratic Party
David Oswald Griffith Republican Party
David Raphael Herz Republican Party
David Scott Curtis Unaffiliated
De’Sean Raynard Hawthorne Democratic Party
De’Sean Sunlight M. Hawthorne Democratic Party
Deborah Ann Rouse Nonpartisan
Deeanna Michelle R. Jones Republican Party
DeJawon Joseph Democratic Party
Dennis A. Diaz Democratic Party
Dennis Jeffrey Nusbaum Democratic Party
Derrick Eggleston Nonpartisan
Derrick Michael Reid Libertarian Party
Derrick Wadell Cooper American People’s Freedom
Devin Arendt Nonpartisan
Dimitri Anastasios L. Panagopoulos Republican Party
Donald Eugene Lowe Democratic Party
Donald Glenn Hewett Republican Party
Donald Sauter Nonpartisan
Donald Trump Republican Party
Donna Han Stroud Republican Party
Donna Jean Alston Democratic Party
Doug Shreffler Democratic Party
Douglas Walter Sabbag Democratic Party
Dustin L. Good Republican Party
Dustin Ryan Shewbert Sr. Democratic Party
Dwayne Varnado Democratic Party
Dyral McGriff Nonpartisan
Earnest Lee Easton Independent
Edie Bukewihge Democratic Party
Eduardo Manuel Torres Jr. Green Party
Elijah Manley Socialist Party
Eliud Resendez Nonpartisan
Elizabeth Black Democratic Party
Elizabeth Warren Democratic Party
Ellis W. Drewery Independent
Elmer S. Mohr Nonpartisan
Elvis Master Butler People Over Politics Party
Emilio Chavez Jr. Independent
Emily Rosas Democratic Party
Eric Renaldo Fludd Republican Party
Eric Scott Cavanagh Republican Party
Erik Brown Republican Party
Erik Leckner Democratic Party
Erika Ronice Blakely Citizens’ Party
Erlyndon Joseph “Joey” Lo Democratic Party
Esther Caroline Aebi Democratic Party
Ethan James Keller Independent American Party
Ethan Russell Unaffiliated
Eugene Patilio Green Party
Felix Biederman Veterans Party of America
Frank Walter Dworak Democratic Party
Franklin James Erwin Independent
Franz Aliquo Democratic Party
Fred Wiand Democratic Party
Gabriel Elias Van Duren Independent
Gail Chord Schuler Republican Party
Gary C. Turner Democratic Party
Gary Dennis Disney American Party
Gary Stephen Hill Nonpartisan
Gary Swing Green Party
George Clinton Brown Democratic Party
George D. Miklos American Independent Conservative
George Wayne Dietrich II Democratic Party
Gerald Windham Independent
Gerasimos Manolatod Democratic Party
German Quinones Mercado Jr. Nonpartisan
Gidget Groendyk Democratic Party
Glenn Scott Allistair Simpson Democratic Party
Grant Ethridge Ohanian Democratic Party
Grant Stephen Goodman Nonpartisan
Grapelton Monroe Feret Democratic Party
Gregory Boyer Nonpartisan
Gregory D. McCollum Sr. Unaffiliated
Gregory Francis Votruba Democratic Party
Gregory Mark Guillaume Republican Party
Gregory Mikolay Democratic Party
Harold Marvin Carrington Jr. Citizens’ Party
Harry Tyrone Mapp Democratic Party
Harry William Braun III Democratic Party
Hart P. Cunningham Democratic Party
Heather Horst Libertarian Party
Henry Hewes Democratic Party
Herbert Ezekiel Zeke Smyth Democratic Party
Herman Yoder Commandments Party
Hernan Melgarejo Democratic Party
Hosanna Jesse O. Gray Democratic Party
Hubert Sean Francisco Independent
Huhnkie Lee Republican Party
Hunter Hipple Independent
Ian Edward Pleasant Nonpartisan
Ian Ingalls Burlingame Independent
Ian Petro Independent
Ian Schlakman Green Party
Internet Beef Nonpartisan
Ivan-Jan Cruz Desuasido Green Party
J. Gil De Lamadrid Nonpartisan
Jack Angus Nevin Democratic Party
Jack Lewis Charbonneau Independent
Jackie Irene Bower Democratic Party
Jacob Johnston Republican Party
Jaden Thomas Farris Democratic Party
James A. Kirkpatrick Independent
James Allen Polk Independent
James Bell Democratic Party
James Gray Mason Nonpartisan
James H. Lionel American Independent Party
James Jr. Athans Democratic Party
James Ma Democratic Party
James Meroney Democratic Party
James Orlando Ogle III Green Party
James Paris Firmani Independent
James Peppe Republican Party
James Ryan Srail Independent
James Valentine Nonpartisan
James William Howitt Republican Party
Jamie Staggs Nonpartisan
Jan Janson Republican Party
Janelle Marie Nowell Democratic Party
Jared Kyle Wolny Democratic Party
Jarmal Jabbar Sanders Nonpartisan
Jasenl Lemar Edwards Nonpartisan
Jason Daniel Peach Libertarian Party
Jason E. Dunlap Democratic Party
Jason G. Graven Nonpartisan
Jason Michael Sibilio Libertarian Party
Jason Murray Democratic Party
Jason Robert Barnes Green Party
Jawad Hashem Hakeem Independent
Jay Inslee Democratic Party
Jay P. Pridmore Nonpartisan
Jeannette Swayzer American Independent Conservative
Jefery Levy Democratic Party
Jeff Stabins Republican Party
Jeffery Sharp Nonpartisan
Jeffrey Michael Hidek Independent
Jeffrey R. Wharton Republican Party
Jeffrey Ralph Zorn Democratic Party
Jennifer McMurray Democratic Party
Jennifer Walters Green Party
Jennifer Yeandle Independent
Jeremiah James Hopper Sr. Independent
Jeremy Gordon Nonpartisan
Jeremy Joseph Gable Nonpartisan
Jeremy Shane Bernheisel Independent
Jerry Leon Carroll Nonpartisan
Jesse James Smith Independence Party
Jesse Laz-Hirsch Nonpartisan
Jill Ann Carty Independence Party
Jimmy Delgado Democratic Party
Joe Edward Anderson Republican Party
Joe Edward Collins III Green Party
Joe Kenneth Holt Jr. Democratic Party
Joel Levi Altman Independent
Joey Anthony Camp Independent
Joey Berry Libertarian Party
John “Kingtamer” D’aura Nonpartisan
John Blyth Democratic Party
John Christipher Mason Do Democratic Party
John Dacey Democratic Party
John Delaney Democratic Party
John Hickenlooper Democratic Party
John J. Gilbert Democratic Party
John Kwesi Hankins Independent
John M. Hoffman Nonpartisan
John Michelotti Independent
John O’Keefe Democratic Party
John Patrick Martini Democratic Party
John Robert O’Donnell Democratic Party
John Schiess Republican Party
John Washington III Democratic Party
Johnny Rae Friskey Republican Party
Jon W. Fitzpatrick Nonpartisan
Jonathan Marc Democratic Party
Jonathon James Kragh Nonpartisan
Joncarlo Ciccone Democratic Party
Jordan Marc Scott Independent
Jordan R. Lassiter Nonpartisan
Jorran Lee Beebe Democratic Party
Jose Arnold Villagrana Democratic Party
Jose Font Democratic Party
Joseph Allen Maldonado Libertarian Party
Joseph Anthony Camp Nonpartisan
Joseph Charles Campbell Libertarian Party
Joseph Charles Schriner Independent
Joseph Lee Custis Jr. Independent
Joshua Alexander Hoy Democratic Party
Joshua David Usera Nonpartisan
Joshua James Reed Democratic Party
Joshua Kusiak Independent
Joshua Matthew Becker Democratic Party
Joshua Reese Kronberg Democratic Party
Joy L. Sorrells Independent
Julian Castro Democratic Party
Julian Lapaul Decarlo Gray Independent
Julianne Elizabeth Benzel Republican Party
Julius Theodore Engel Nonpartisan
June La’Gay Lloyd Independent
Justin Daniel Independence Party
Justin Tomlinson George Wallace Party
Kamala D. Harris Democratic Party
Kameron Scott Nonpartisan
Kanye Deez Nutz West Green Party
Kasey Wells Independent
Keely Ann Craig Republican Party
Keith Daniel Lankford Nonpartisan
Keith Davenport Independent
Keith Galaska Nonpartisan
Keith Leonard Democratic Party
Keith Smith Democratic Party
Keith Thomae Republican Party
Kelan Farrell-Smith Democratic Party
Kelly McLain Democratic Party
Kelvin Gerad Davis Independent
Ken Ward Nonpartisan
Kenneth Alan Wilson Independent
Kenneth Bruce Van Gross Unaffiliated
Kenneth E. Nwadike Jr. Democratic Party
Kenneth James Montalvo Independent
Kenneth Robert Cross Nonpartisan
Kerry D. Soseeah Nonpartisan
Kerry Kizer Green Party
Kevin Andrew Kinchen American Independent Party
Kevin Bradford Diel Independent
Kevin C. Brown Nonpartisan
Kevin Collins Democratic Party
Kevin Commander Cormier Democratic Party
Kevin Oakes Republican Party
Kevin Patrick Kane Unaffiliated
Kevin Prestia Democratic Party
Kevin West Unaffiliated
Keyshawn Dwanye Varnado Democratic Party
Khistina Dejean Independent
Kimberly Margaret Ruff Libertarian Party
Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Party
Kody Allen Kneip Republican Party
Korey Paul Starkey Independent
Korrena Kaye Usera Nonpartisan
Krista Marie Whipple Libertarian Party
Kristopher Hoffman Nonpartisan
Kristopher Thomas Minette Nonpartisan
Kurtis Wilson Democratic Party
Kwame Appiah Boateng Republican Party
Kyrial Gregory Perkins Independent
Labarron Perkins Democratic Party
Larry D. Bluford Sr. Nonpartisan
Larry Vaughn Fulmer Jr. Independent
Larry W. Cole Democratic Party
Larry Walker Democratic Party
Lavarion Bolling Republican Party
Lee Rhodes Democratic Party
Leo Scheidler Independent
Leomard Sportsinterviews Libertarian Party
Leroy Lewis Independent
Levoid Dexter Perry II Democratic Party
Lexie Ray Hughes The Human Rights Party
Lisa Jane Marmorato Nonpartisan
Lisanne Ferne Anderson Nonpartisan
Lisha Shaju Democratic Party
Liza Dawn Cherricks Independent
Luis Alberto Ramos Jr. Democratic Party
Luis Macias Republican Party
Luis Szydlowski De Jesus Independent
M.A. Warren Nonpartisan
Maayan Z. Zik Democratic Party
Manuel Luis Higareda Federalist Party
Mari Tamburo Democratic Party
Maria Harper Davis Democratic Party
Marianne Williamson Democratic Party
Mario Jaramillo Independent
Mark Allan Pierce Democratic Party
Mark Allen Weber Democratic Party
Mark Blair Graham Nonpartisan
Mark Douglas Spivey Libertarian Party
Mark L. Bauer Independent
Mark London Dunham II Democratic Party
Mark-Christian Anthony Aubin Republican Party
Markie Kenneth Garner Independent
Marquis Antwan Garner Democratic Party
Martin Dudziak Nonpartisan
Martina Armstead Democratic Party
Marvin Gerald Vandam Independent
Mary June Rincon Independent
Mathew Lee Tyler Independent
Matthew D. Pinnavaia Nonpartisan
Matthew Embry Bradshaw Independent
Matthew James McGurn Nonpartisan
Matthew M. Abraugh Nonpartisan
Matthew Thomas Beggarly Democratic Party
Maurice Robert Gravel Democratic Party
Maximo Alvarez Castaneda Independent
Melvin Francis Eberly Republican Party
Melvin Valentine Jr. Nonpartisan
Melvin Wayne Clark Democratic Party
Meredithe Floyd Pennington Jr. Independent
Merrill Edward Cook Jr. Unaffiliated
Michael Aguiar Democratic Party
Michael Andrew Counsell-Short Independent
Michael Bickelmeyer Republican Party
Michael Dean Bowers People’s Party
Michael E. Arth Democratic Party
Michael Ellinger Democratic Party
Michael James Ott Independent
Michael Joseph Dixon Nonpartisan
Michael L. Hallman Nonpartisan
Michael Lamont Hambrick Sr. Independent
Michael Moates Republican Party
Michael Noonan Democratic Party
Michael Ohleger Jr. Nonpartisan
Michael Puskar Unaffiliated
Michael Riden Nonpartisan
Michael T. Captain Nonpartisan
Michael W. Barbine Nonpartisan
Michael W. Scruggs Democratic Party
Michael Wayne Palmer Democratic Party
Michaela Shapero Republican Party
Michelle Champo Nonpartisan
Michelle R. Hale Hudson Democratic Party
Michelle Walker Independent
Mohammad Kabir Independent
Mosheh (Luis) Edward Thezion Democratic Party
Nadia B. Smalley Democratic Party
Nadia Bahia Smalley Democratic Party
Najah Karima Gabriel Democratic Party
Nakia Lacquers Anthony Democratic Party
Nancy Elizabeth Rodriguez Liberal Party
Nathan D. Scholten Independent
Nathaniel Glasgow Republican Party
Nelson Feliciano Nonpartisan
Nevin Kamath Nonpartisan
Nicholas Evans Republican Party
Nicholas Roesler Independent
Nicholas Ryan Ocampo Democratic Party
Niles Ayer Democratic Party
Nita Mildred Rice Democratic Party
Noah Bunyan Democratic Party
Noor Ali Nonpartisan
Nyle Benjamin Layton Libertarian Party
Pamela Danelle Rocker Democratic Party
Pamela M. Pinkney Butts Nonpartisan
Patrick Allen Cope Republican Party
Patrick Anthony Drake Nonpartisan
Patrick Little Republican Party
Patrick Michael Michaud Nonpartisan
Patrick Michael White Independent
Patrick Robert Miller Independent
Paul Augustine Carluccio Democratic Party
Paul Donald Cauitt Independent
Paul George Preste Republican Party
Paul Kangas Democratic Party
Paul Louis Sylvester Nonpartisan
Paul Matthew King Brough Independent
Paul Willmon Nonpartisan
Pete Buttigieg Democratic Party
Peter Anthony Hovis Independent
Pew Die Pie Communist Party
Peyton Faucett Independent
Phil Swift Communist Party
Philip Frazee Nonpartisan
Philip Henke Democratic Party
Phillip Karl Speat Independent
President Boddie Republican Party
Princess Khadijah M. Pres Jacob-Fambro Democratic Party
Rachel Candy Wyatt Independence Party
Radomir Vojtech Luza Democratic Party
Raeford Gamelle Smith Sr. Independent
Rafael Jones Republican Party
Ramon Perez Independence Party
Ramona Elizabeth Mayon Nonpartisan
Randall Nalls Democratic Party
Raoul A. Estrada Nonpartisan
Rasharnda S. Teixeira Nonpartisan
Raul Ybarra Bonilla Jr. Republican Party
Raymond Gonzalez Nonpartisan
Raymond Haigood Independent
Raymond J. Seney Democratic Party
Raynette Kennedy Weiss Democratic Party
Razan Ammari Independent
Refino Pig Republican Party
Richard Charles Moncada Independent
Richard D. Cooper Democratic Party
Richard Dustin Kelser Nonpartisan
Richard Hampton Hendry Nonpartisan
Richard Lyons Weil Democratic Party
Richard Ojeda Democratic Party
Ricky Dale Woolard Independent
Rico Cortez Dukes American Independent Party
Rico Harold Padua American Independent Party
Robert Ardini Republican Party
Robert Bradford Lee Acord Democratic Party
Robert Carr Wells Jr. Democratic Party
Robert Eugene Pich Nonpartisan
Robert Eugene Smith Republican Party
Robert Ion Moldafsky Democratic Party
Robert James Thomas Independent
Robert Kamerer Independent
Robert L. Jackson Democratic Party
Robert Simon Shaw IV Democratic Party
Robert Tolbert Democratic Party
Robert Washington Cooper Jr. Independent
Robert William Sandera Democratic Party
Rodger Lee Roose Democratic Party
Roger Chaney Jr. Democratic Party
Roger Stephen Du Pont Independent
Roland Aranjo Green Party
Roland Jackson Nonpartisan
Ronald Bush Democratic Party
Ronald Muwereza Lutalo Sr. Republican Party
Ronald Satish Emrit Democratic Party
Rosalind Francina Greene Democratic Party
Rose Kincade Nonpartisan
Ruben Valles Jr. Independent
Rudy Edward Gomez Democratic Party
Rugar Mims Independent
Ryan Andrew Farber Democratic Party
Ryan Hunter Yollin Democratic Party
Ryan Nicholas Von Bevern Democratic Party
Ryan Nyberg Nonpartisan
Sam Ret Garret Independent
Sammy Garret Independent
Samuel B. Hoff Independent
Samuel Girdich Independent
Samuel Joseph Robb Libertarian Party
Samuel Lyndell Powell Independent
Sanderson Beck Democratic Party
Sarah Angelo-Haight Independent
Saul Williams III Democratic Party
Scott Bradford Independent
Scott Eldon Fulk Independent
Scott McCatty Nonpartisan
Scott Wayne Klinkhammer Independent
Sean Collinson Independent
Sebastian Austin Stewart Republican Party
Sem Yoram Van Der Vegte Republican Party
Sexy Vegan Independent
Seymour Art Lee Libertarian Party
Seymour Cats Nonpartisan
Shane Lance Rogers Nonpartisan
Sharmin Lynn Smith Democratic Party
Shawn Bachar Independence Party
Shawn Rundblade Democratic Party
Shawn W. Howard Independent
Shay Zago Independent
Sheila “Samm” Tittle Democratic Party
Shelly Suzette Swedberg Nonpartisan
Sherry Mallory Democratic Party
Simon Edmonds Democratic Party
Soniacarmen Arcelay Nonpartisan
Spencer Eric Snyder Republican Party
Stefan Karl Stefansson Democratic Party
Stephanie Simon St. Louis Democratic Party
Stephen Bradley Comley Sr. Republican Party
Stephen Dean Handy Nonpartisan
Stephen Lyne Independent
Stephen Michael Patterson Democratic Party
Stetson Hardwick Democratic Party
Steven Allen Richey Libertarian Party
Steven Douglas Sharp Republican Party
Steven Floyd Long Republican Party
Steven Gabriel Weikert Democratic Party
Steven Jay Young Nonpartisan
Steven Jon Jolly Independent
Stuart Lee Kiehl Democratic Party
Suq Madiq Right to Life
Susanne Atanus Democratic Party
Talalupe Fonzie Vavao Democratic Party
Taylor Cleveland Independent American Party
Taylor Jacques A’latorre Democratic Party
Terence Roger James Democratic Party
Terrance James Harvey Republican Party
Terry Roger Beardsley II Independence Party
Terry Wayne Wheelock Independent
Terry Wilkerson Libertarian Party
Theodore Millard Crisell Democratic Party
Thomas Francis Winterbottom Democratic Party
Thomas Jon Shackett Unaffiliated
Timmy Strickland Independent
Timothy Charles Kalemkarian Republican Party
Timothy D. Breeden Nonpartisan
Timothy Matthew Colopy Independent
Timothy Michael Villari Republican Party
Tina Jayne Hahn Independent
Tina Marie Guest Nonpartisan
Tirell Alexander Maxwell Clifton Democratic Party
Tony Maggiore Independent
Travis Lee Stevenson Republican Party
Troy Voss Independent
Tulsi Gabbard Democratic Party
Tyler Barna Democratic Party
Tyrell J. Heaton Democratic Party
Tyrone Dawayne Brown Independent
Valerie Lin McCray Democratic Party
Vanessa McGee-Smith Kearney Nonpartisan
Veronica Ronnie Fuller Independent
Verquetta Tillman Liberal Party
Wajahat Saleem Nonpartisan
Walter Randall Bannister Republican Party
Wanda Gayle Duckwald Republican Party
Warren Lee Democratic Party
Warren Lee Weisman Nonpartisan
Wayne Messam Democratic Party
Wednesday Alexandra Green Democratic Party
William Carl Egan Republican Party
William Hope Democratic Party
William Joseph Hurst Libertarian Party
William L. Wallace Independent
William Lifford Nonpartisan
William Scott Shumate Nonpartisan
William Weld Republican Party
Willie Dishaun Perkins American Independent Party
Willie Felix Carter Democratic Party
Willita D. Bush Independent
Yehanna Joan Malone Republican Party
Zadok Rubin Republican Party

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