Donald Trump Betting Specials

Donald Trump Betting Specials. Here we have some special bets on the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. After 2.5 years in office Trump has done a lot of things, he has ended one war and sensationally won the war against media after being freed from the “Russian Collusion” story. Bet with EU betting company UNIBET on the Donald Trump specials and get a big Cash Bonus and lots of free sports streaming.

The American economy is booming with a plus 3% increase in GDP in the first quarter of 2019. The unemployment rate is at record low and Donald Trump has ended the war in Syria with the simple move to start fighting Against the Islamists in Syria and not with them, against Assad as the previous administration did. The Trump administration also is on their way to solve the problem with illegal immigrants, striking a deal with the Mexican government the other week meaning Mexico will start taking illegal migration to US seriously. Trump has made the deal so Mexican industry gains from it so it seems to be a very good deal for both countries. Furthermore Trump has brought back tens of thousands of production jobs to the US, a feat almost nobody believed possible. Trump has a 70% approval rating on how he is handling the US economy and around 50% overall ratings. He is a Huge favorite to win the 2020 elections with all the bookmakers online. Some media is saying democrat candidates are ahead in the polls but it is not likely that the American people will vote for Higher taxes, less jobs and more wars next year. So – do you wanna make easy money on betting on American politics you should be betting on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Betting Specials

Trump still in office 1/1 2020 – 1.01
Trump not in office 1/1 2020 – 11.00

Trump to last the full term – 1.05
Trump not to last the full term – 7.50

John Bolton to be removed from office before 31/12 2019 – 5.00

Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Election 2020 – 2.10

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