ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018 – Prediction, stats and general information.

Group A  

TEAMS – Astralis – Cloud9 – Liquid – MIBR

MIBR with Tarik “Tarik” Celik joining as the 5th player the lineup was already looking strong but will be interesting to see what they can do. Tarik is no new player having won the ELEAGUE Major 2018 with Cloud9 being the MVP in the final.

Astralis falling short with a 3rd place at ESL One Cologne 2018 are looking hungry for another win. Finishing first 3 times out of 5 tournaments Astralis might just be the best team in the world at this moment but can they do as good at ELEAGUE remains to see!

Liquid  coming from a failed ESL One Cologne 2018 finishing last in togher with  B.O.O.T-d[S] are looking to better their performance at ELEAGUE. Finishing 2nd at ECS Season 5 Finals they have shown that they can perform!

Cloud9 is at a weird place waiting for two new players coming in and not alot of time to practice, winning ELEAGUE Major 2018 with both Tarik and Stewie2K both playing in MIBR now, but just recently Cloud9 announced they are bringing “styko” back and the last memeber to join will be “golden”, recently from fnatic.

Group B

TEAMS – FaZe – Fnatic – Mousesports – NaVi

FaZe with the return of Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer after nearly four month break after dealing with personal issues FaZe are back to their original lineup having had Jorgen “Cromen” Robertsen standing in at ESC Season 5 Finals and ESL One Cologne. Semi final at ESC Season 5 Final and ESL One Cologne FaZe have still performed very well, have not finished worse then 3rd in lans since 2016 but have struggled at majors with a 2nd place at ELEAGUE Major 2018 being their best placement.

Fnatic coming from a 5th – 6th place in ESL Cologne are hungry for a win. Starting the tournament with NaVi as their first opponent the group is stacked with good teams, will Fnatic make it out of groups remains to see!

Mousesports with the “lan curse” are looking to silence after failing to deliver at bigger tournaments. To be known to as a team that can perform online and smaller lans Mousesports will want to get the hands of a big lan victory, but do they have what it takes?

NaVi coming in hot with three straight Lan wins and their main man Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev being the MVP of all three of them wins, they are a favourite to win the whole thing. 2nd ranked NaVi try to conquer the spot for the best team in the world!


FaZe – NaVi – Astralis – MIBR are my teams that will make it out of the groups.

FaZe – With olofmeister being back after nearly four months break will be intresteing to see how he can perform, FaZe allready having a stacked team with likes of Nikola “Niko” Kovač being ranked number two in the world last year their team is no short of talent!

MIBR – Having the world best player Coldzera two years in a row 2016 and 2017 surely makes them a team to consider going far. The team is as FaZe stacked with talent having Fallen, Stewie2K, FER, Tarik and Coldzera. Tarik coming from cloud9 will be intresting to see how he playes with a new team.

Astralis – Are at the moment maby the best team in the world and are predicted nothing else then make it out of the group. With both performing good at Majors and Lans they are a confident and experienced team looking for another victory!

NaVi – As Astralis NaVi might be the best team in the world at this moment, and having maby the best player in the world this year with S1mple NaVi have played very well this year, havent finished worse then 3rd place with all of their last three lans they have won them all.

Games Prediction

July 21st

20.00 – Astralis vs Cloud 9 | BO3  – Astralis winner
23.00 – Liquid vs MIBR | BO3 – MIBR winner

July 22nd

20.00 – NaVi vs Fnatic | BO3 – NaVi winner
23.00 – FaZe vs Mousesports | BO3 – Mousesports winner



Saturday July 21st  

20.00 – Astralis vs Cloud 9 | BO3 – Astralis winner 2-0
23.00 – Liquid vs MIBR | BO3 – Liquid winner 2-0

Sunday July 22nd

20.00 – NaVi vs Fnatic | BO3 – NaVi winner 2-1
23.00 – FaZe vs Mousesports | BO3 Mousesports winner 2-1

Monday July 23rd

20.00 – Group A winners match | BO3 – Astralis winner 2-0
23:00 – Group B winners match | BO3

Tuesday July 24th

20:00 – Group A elimination match | BO3
23:00 – Group B elimination match | BO3

Wednesday July 25th

20:00 – Group A decider | BO3
23:00 – Group B decider | BO3

Saturday July 28th

20:00 – Semi-final number one | BO3
23:00 – Semi-final number two | BO3

Sunday July 29th

20:00 Grand final | BO3


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