French Open Youngest Champions

French Open Youngest Champions. The French Open in tennis is one of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments in history. The first event where played in 1891 and the tournament was only open to French players or foreign players who were a member of a French club during the first 34 years of its existence.

The first French Open Champion was the British player H. Briggs, a member of Club Stade Français which entitled him to compete. Records show matches were played as the best-of-three sets format until 1902 or 1903, when best-of-five sets was adopted. French players were dominant in the early stages of the tournament, in particular Max Decugis, who won eight titles before the outbreak of the First World War. Bjorn Borg held the record of 6 French Open titles until Rafael Nadal passed him. Nadal now holds the record with 10 French Open titles.

French Open Youngest Champions

1. Michael Chang 17 years, 110 days – 1989
2. Mats Wilander 17 years, 293 days – 1982
3. Bjorn Borg 18 years, 10 days – 1974
4. Rafael Nadal 19 years, 3 days – 2005
5. Gustavo Kuerten 20 years, 272 days – 1996

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