IEM Chicago 2018 – BIG vs Mousesports – Best bets and odds

IEM Chicago 2018 – BIG vs Mousesports – Best bets and odds – 8th of November 2018 19.00 BO3 – Here you will find the best bets and odds on IEM Chicago 2018 BIG vs Mousesports.

IEM Chicago 2018 – BIG vs Mousesports – Best bets and odds


BIG vs Mousesports: Both teams have won one game and lost one game, BIG played a very well played and close game against NaVi last night while Mousesports lost their game against Liquid 2-1. The odds are have Mousesports as a favourite but i think BIG will win this game. They have the momentum beating a top 3 team when Mousesports are coming off a loss. tabseN played very well carrying his team to a win with 60-37 in two games, that’s a 30 kill per game stat. Getting 60 kills against NaVi in two maps is very good. For Mousesports to win i think the map pool will be important and can decide who wins this game, a map that can favour ChrisJ’s AWP will favour Mousesports aswell. So wise map picks are important for Mousesports to win. I think this game will end 2-1 in favour of BIG.

My odds – BIG 55% – 45% Mousesports

Odds and Bets

Mousesports – 1.62

BIG – 2.15

You can combine a bet on BIG winning the last map and winning the map with good odds at 4.11.


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IEM Chicago 2018 best odds

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