IEM Chicago 2018 – Matches, bets and odds

IEM Chicago 2018 – Matches, bets and odds

IEM Chicago 2018 – Matches, bets and odds – Here you will find the matchups, where to bet on them and the best odds!


Group A

Astralis – Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve, device and magisk
FaZe – karrigan, olofmeister, GuardiaN, NiKo and rain
MIBR – FalleN, tarik, fer, Stewie2K and coldzera
NRG – daps, FugLy, Brehze, nahtE and CeRq
North – cadiaN, aizy, Kjaerbye, gade and valde
Renegades – jks, AZR, jkaem, Gratisfaction and liazz
LDLC – to1nou, ALEX, AmaNEk, devoduvek and LOGAN
MVP PK – solo, glow, zeff, XigN and minixeta

Group B

Natus Vincere – Edward, Zeus, flamie, s1mple and electronic
Liquid – nitr0, NAF, EliGE, TACO and Twistzz
mousesports – oskar, chrisJ, suNny, STYKO and ropz
BIG – gob b, tabseN, tiziaN, nex and smooya
fnatic – Xist, JW, twist, KRIMZ and Brollan
AVANGAR – fitch, buster, KrizzeN, qikert and Jame
Luminosity – steel, HEN1, LUCAS1, NEKIZ and yeL
eUnited – FNS, Relyks, dazzLe, dapr and moose


Tuesday, November 6
19:00  Astralis vs MVP PK – BO1 – Predicted winner Astralis
19:00  North vs NRG – BO1 – Predicted winner NRG
20:15  MIBR vs Renegades – BO1 – Predicted winner MIBR
20:15  LDLC vs FaZe – BO1 – Predicted winner LDLC
21:30  Natus Vincere vs eUnited – BO1 – Predicted winner Natus Vincere
21:30  fnatic vs BIG – BO1 – Predicted winner – Super close game, both can win
22:45  mousesports vs AVANGAR – BO1 – Predicted winner mousesports
22:45  Luminosity vs Liquid – BO1 – Predicted winner Liquid
00:00 Group A upper-bracket semi #1 – BO3
00:00 Group A lower-bracket #1 – BO3
03:35 Group A upper-bracket semi #2 – BO3
03:35 Group A lower-bracket #2 – BO3

Wednesday, November 7
19:00 Group B lower-bracket #1 – BO3
19:00 Group B lower-bracket #2 – BO3
22:35 Group B upper-bracket semi #1 – BO3
22:35 Group A lower-bracket semi #1 – BO3
02:10 Group B upper-bracket semi #2 – BO3
02:10 Group A lower-bracket semi #2 – BO3

Thursday, November 8
19:00 Group B lower-bracket semi #1 – BO3
19:00 Group B lower-bracket semi #2 – BO3
22:35 Group A upper-bracket final – BO3
02:35 Group A lower-bracket final – BO3
02:10 Group B upper-bracket final – BO3
02:10 Group B lower-bracket final – BO3

Friday, November 9
19:00 Quarter-final #1 – BO3
22:35 Quarter-final #2 – BO3

Saturday, November 10
20:00 Semi-final #1 – BO3
23:50 Semi-final #2 – BO3

Sunday, November 11
21:00 Grand final – BO5

Bets and odds

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