IEM Chicago 2018 – NRG vs LDLC – Best bets and odds

IEM Chicago 2018 – NRG vs LDLC – Best bets and odds – 8th of November 2018 22.30 BO3 – Here you will find the best bets and odds on IEM Chicago 2018 – NRG vs LDLC.

IEM Chicago 2018 – NRG vs LDLC – Best bets and odds


NRG vs LDLC: I think this will be a close game, both teams have played well, LDLC have surprised me a bit with they good form. NRG have good players on of the CeRq needs to show up in good form to beat LDLC. The betting companys have NRG as a favourite and i think that’s fair, they have performe well in this event and before aswell. I think this game will end 2-1 to NRG, CeRq will need to help his team to victory!

My odds – NRG 55% – 45% LDLC

Odds and Bets

NRG 1.52

LDLC 2.35

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Combination tips: NRG winning, NRG winning last map and NRG winning 2-1 with a combined odds of 4.81


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IEM Chicago 2018 best odds

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