IEM KATOWICE MAJOR 2019 – Best bets, odds and information

IEM KATOWICE MAJOR 2019 – Best bets, odds and information – Here you will find the best bets, odds and information for the IEM KATOWICE MAJOR 2019.

IEM KATOWICE MAJOR 2019 – Best bets, odds and information

IEM KATOWICE MAJOR 2019 is played Feb 20th – Mar 3rd 2019 in Poland. This is the third MAJOR that ESL have hosted and the most recent one was ESL One Cologne 2016.

Just like in the New Challengers Stage, each of 16 teams will be asked to rank the other teams, with the scores then added up to create a “Player Selected Seeding”, which will be used to decide the matchups for the first round.

Every team will be given an ELO rating based on their seed, and this rating will be adjusted after every round, the winners will take a portion of the losers points and the following rounds match ups are selected accordingly.



        Astralis                                            Cloud9
           BIG                                           compLexity
         FaZe                                          HellRaisers
         Liquid                                            MIBR
   Natus Vincere                               Renegades
          NRG                                           Vitality
     AVANGAR                                      ENCE
         NiP                                             G2
Bets and odds

A clear favourite to take home yet another Major trophy is the danes in Astralis, having won the FACEIT Major 2018 in oktober the have dominated the CS:GO scene the last year. They won almost every event they attended and finished 2nd at iBUYPOWER Master 2019 behind Liquid. Liquid on the other hand have also have a very strong year and i think they have a good chance to take home this Major together with MIBR. The brasilians was “completed” with their formers players Taco and Felps. MIBR was considered one of the best team in the world when they had this lineup. It will be very interesting to see how they will perform.


So my favourites to take home this Major are Astralis, Liquid and MIBR.


Bets and Odds will come shortly – Bets and Odds 

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