Olympic Hockey Winners

Olympic Hockey Winners. Men’s ice hockey become an Olympic sport in 1920. The Soviet Union dominated much of the second half of the 20th century, though it did not send its first ice hockey team to the Winter Olympics until 1956. By contrast, Canada won nearly all of the early Olympic ice hockey tournaments, but fell to second place – or lower -when the mighty Soviet “Big Red Machine” teams started taking part in the Games.

Starting in 1998, boosted by the inclusion of NHL players, teams from other countries began to take their turns atop the medal podium with Sweden with 2 Olympic Gold medals the last 6 games is second best behind team Canada in Olympic hockey the last 24 years.

Olympic Hockey Winners

Year  Gold Silver Bronze
1920 Canada United States Czechoslovakia
1924 Canada United States Great Britain
1928 Canada Sweden Switzerland
1932 Canada United States Germany
1936 Great Britain Canada United States
1948 Canada Czechoslovakia Switzerland
1952 Canada United States Sweden
1956 Soviet Union United States Canada
1960 United States Canada Soviet Union
1964 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia
1968 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada
1972 Soviet Union United States Czechoslovakia
1976 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia West Germany
1980 United States Soviet Union Sweden
1984 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden
1988 Soviet Union Finland Sweden
1992 CIS Canada Czechoslovakia
1994 Sweden Canada Finland
1998 Czech Republic Russia Finland
2002 Canada United States Russia
2006 Sweden Finland Czech Republic
2010 Canada United States Finland
2014 Canada Sweden Finland

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