World Cup Russia 2018: Group A – Preview, Odds, and Predictions

World Cup Russia 2018: Group A – Preview, Odds, and Predictions

Group A. This group is perhaps the easiest in the whole tournament. The group includes the host nation Russia, Asia’s Saudi Arabia, Africa’s Egypt and South America’s Uruguay. The tournament starts with the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Russia has been said to be the worst (in the sense of FIFA world ranking) nation to host the tournament. It should be mentioned that the ranking system has been changed and it is possible to discuss the relevance of the ranking system overall. But it should be noted that the current squad of the host nation is said by domestic media to be the worst national team in a long time and this is mainly due to a large change in the organization and team. Saudi Arabia, a team that usually flies under the radar are an interesting contender to the second place in this group. Mostly this depends on the fact that ALL players in the Saudi Arabian team are playing in their domestic league, the Saudi Professional League. OPEN ACCOUNT WILLIAM HILL here – unlock lots of Specials and Claiim a 300% Bonus.

Egypt, with their mega superstar Mohammed Salah will be a team on everyone’s lips in this group. This wouldn’t perhaps be the case without Salah and this is dangerous for the African nation. To be really depended on one single player, it could result in a fiasco. After a marvelous win in the final seconds against Congo in Alexandria, the team surpassed to the World Cup in Russia. Later, you have the favorites in the group Uruguay. You must remember their last two tournaments. In South Africa, the team and Luis Suarez defeated Ghana with most likely the biggest upset and disgraceful act of unsportsmanlike conduct. Later in Brazil, the team ended up in the round of 16 but was knocked out by Colombia. Even though, the team should win this group with their proper quality. The second place is open for all the remaining teams but with a little bit more quality – Egypt should take the second spot.

Group A – Results

1. Uruguay
2. Egypt
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Russia

Group winner: Uruguay

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