Zlatan Ibrahimovic moving to Hammarby Sweden…or not?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic moving to Hammarby Sweden…or is it another PR stunt from the Swedish mega star and former LA Galaxy player? Maybe it is just another PR stunt from Ibrahimovic who is co-owner in the online betting company BETHARD..

Zlatan Ibrahimovic moving to Hammarby Sweden…?

Zlatan posted on his Instagram a picture of a Hammarby Football shirt with Ibrahimovic on the back. The striker who scored his 500th goal in his career at LA Galaxy is 38 years old and his age certainly speaks for a move back home. So what speaks for him signing with the Allsvenskan Club?

* He is 38 years old
* He posted on his Instagram
* Hammarby officials is rumoured to be in LA right now
* His family. He and his wife might wanna see their kids learning Swedish and become Swedes after living abroad their whole life

Just a PR Stunt?

* Zlatan posted a month ago he was coming back to Spain. That was a PR stunt for BETHARD who was moving in to Spain
* Zlatan made 52 goals in 53 matches for LA Galaxy. To have an average of 1 goal/game proves he is still good enough to play in Europe
* Zlatan loves PR and speculation
* Zlatan can get a lot more money playing in Europe, China, Australia or a new club in the MLS
* Zlatan has won 33 titles with his European Clubs Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, Milan, PSG and Manchester United…but he has not won the Champions Leauge

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So..if not Hammarby where will he go?

* Atletico Madrid – have lost Antoine Griezman and their manager was interested in Zlatan 4 years ago
* Bayern Munich – Zlatan has said he would love to play for the epic German team
* Milan – has been a rumour for weeks that his old club wants to sign him…but they dont even play in the Europa League this season.
* Tottenham – José Mourinho said the other day Zlatan is no way coming to Spurs…
* Liverpool – probably the best club if Zlatan wants to win more titles…and could settle to be a substitute


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